18 Nov 2012

Christmas Programme at Shree Peetha Nilaya

On the 24th December (Christmas Eve) we will start the ceremonies at 17:00 by singing the Akathist to baby Jesus, reading from the Psalms, old testament and Epistels as part of the Royal Hours. We will also sing Christmas songs during this time. There will be a break for evening meal and then we will commence with the liturgy of St Basil from 22:00hrs. During the liturgy of St Basil we will carry out the intercession, Canon of Nativity, Benediction of the loaves, procession with baby Jesus and the gospel will be read in different languages. We expect that the evening ceremony finishes just after midnight. 

On the 25th December (Christmas Day) there will be an abhishekam carried out to baby Jesus at 10:00 whilst we sing songs to baby Jesus. Later in the evening there will be OM healing and a liturgy from 18:00hrs.

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