21 Nov 2014

Sri Swami Vishwananda gives Darshan in Prague, Bratislava, and Warsaw

This last week, Guruji was very busy, traveling to three different countries to do events. We wanted to share some of the photos of his trips here.

Prague, Czech Republic

As was mentioned in a previous blog post, Swamiji got inspired during the Darshan in Prague to give Darshan in a new "dynamic" style.

One of the organizers of the event explains:

Darshan in Prague, Sunday, Nov. 9, was in many ways surprising and extraordinary. The sports hall at Chodov had already experienced Sri Swami Vishwananda's presence, but this time an unusually large number of people came who wanted to see for their own eyes, to experience, and to enjoy his presence in the Czech Republic.

We expected a large turnout (at first, we had 1,000 people registered, then about 1,600), but by the time of the darshan we had about 2,000 people!

Only maybe Guruji knew, that this was not the last surprise of the afternoon…

After the usual start - some bhajans and an introductory speech - people started coming to Him for darshan.

After about an hour Swamiji stopped darshan and said, that from now will come down from the chair and will give darshan in a new way ... by going out among the people! We all stayed for a few seconds, literally with open mouths.

And indeed he did - with people organized in the middle of the hall to create two rows, Swami proceeded from one line to the other, to the end of the hall and back, followed by several assistants, who had served the necessary things to Him

The system then still changed ... He sat back in his chair, and times ordered to create one row of people waiting.

It was really entitled for the organizers, but all the people were happy. They could see Swami very closely - even several times - as He walked through the rows again and again to give the darshan…it seems to be a new dynamic dimension.

Accompanied by great music of many musicians, from different countries, and interspersed with speeches and experiences of devotees, the darshan was very nice.

Thanks to Guruji, that he visited us, and that, through his grace, everything was without big difficulties. Also, thanks from the heart to all those who helped to make this a truly historic moment!

Music practice before the darshan

Learning how to make flower malas :)

Bratislava, Slovakia

After Prague, came the trip to Bratislava. About 1,000 people were in attendance, so, again, there was a lot of people for Swamiji to connect with.

One devotee at the event was sharing how grateful they were for the work of the BM Slovakia team in organizing the event so well:

I wanted to thank you again for the beautiful evening. Also I have to tell that from friends from different countries, and many others we have talked with after the Darshan, how beautifully all the organizers managed that everything was in flow - there were no feeling of stress, no pressure - everything went very kind, lovingly and we all had the feeling of being supported and warmly welcomed in the Slovakian BM family. This is really a message from many people. The event really showed how it can be if we "only" mirror and follow HIS plan and let HIM take care of everything. Thank you!

Warsaw, Poland

Swamiji went next to the Bhakti Marga temple in Warsaw, Poland, which is the proud home of Vara Lakshmi Narasimha.

After devotees performed a Guru puja and Pada abishekam to Swamiji's feet, the deities Vara Lakshmi Narasimha received an abishekam from Guruji. You've never seen happier murtis! ;)


Happy deities and happy devotees!
Afterwards, Guruji gave satsang with the devotees, and then gave darshan to each person there.

Sri Swami Vishwananda gave darshan the next day to about 1000 people in a large hall, giving again the new dynamic darshan.

We'll post soon about how the first dynamic darshan at Shree Peetha Nilaya was.