25 Nov 2014

In the spirit of St Nicolas

Each year for St Nicholas weekend (this year 5th -7th December) we aspire to give of ourselves in the same spirit in which Saint Nicholas gave himself to the poor, hungry and those in need. 

Saint Nicholas was born in modern-day Turkey around 280 AD and was such an example of charity and love that from his life example came the legend of Father Christmas. Saint Nicholas was a devout Christian and was appointed as the Bishop of Myra in Turkey. During his life, many miraculous events took place through his faith in Christ - he raised people from the dead, calmed the seas, and gave without thought for himself to the poor and needy. He died on the 6th of December 343. 

​​Each year we ask people to collect items for this weekend so that we can go to local places or organisations and help them by sharing our spirit of love and to gift them with needed items. 

This year we would like to ask for support in providing 
  • towels, 
  • children's clothes, 
  • cooking pots / pans​, glasses​ and cutlery (knives, forks and spoons) 

as these are all VERY much needed and should be in good condition. 

The items will be given to two place​s​ in Wiesbaden - one is a women's house, the other is an organisation called ​'Die ​Tafel​'​ - they have requested the need for such items for the people that they are actively supporting who are in difficult circumstances. 
  • We would also gift warm adult clothes which will be given to an asylum centre near Frankfurt. 

We would ask that those that are coming for the Darshan on the 29th of November or Babaji Day on the 30th of November to please bring these items with you so that we can collect these items prior to the weekend where we will distribute them.

Many thanks for your much valued support and spirit of giving. 

 S​ri​​ Swami Vishwananda:

“Only if we make others happy and forget ourselves, we can be truly happy.”

(letter written by Swami Vishwaanashuyananda)