6 Oct 2014

The ninth form of Ma - Siddhidatri

The ninth form of Divine Mother, Goddess Siddhidatri, which is one aspect of Mahalakshmi, is usually celebrated on the ninth night of Navaratri, but this year according to the calendar, two nights, the eighth and the ninth, fell together on the same night, the eighth.

Sri Swami Vishwananda said, “It is said in the Puranas that the Mother in the form of Siddhidatri Ma grants 18 forms of success in life. So whoever prays to Her on this auspicious day is blessed with success. Here it doesn’t mean success only in business. She is giving success in everything. So whatever your wish, by Mother Siddhidatri’s Grace, you will be successful, whether it is business, whether it is financially, whether it is in a relationship, or anything else.

In that form of Siddhidatri, the name itself says ‘siddhi’. ‘Siddhi’ means ‘power’, ‘force’. But for ‘siddhi’ you need ‘riddhi’ also, which is ‘buddhi’. You need knowledge, wisdom. Mother Siddhidatri gives also wisdom. If we have our mind surrendered to the Divine, we will have a blessing. We will have the 18 siddhis, the 18 successes that She talks about. But if we let our mind be polluted, if we let our mind be rubbished, it will go in the bin.

So, ask Maa Siddhidatri to bestow on each one the Grace of Love, the Grace of wisdom. Wherever you are, whatever you do, you are human and human beings are not perfect. Maa knows that very well and She doesn’t expect much, because all is Her creation. Every power which acts in this world is only Her. The devas themselves praise the Mother, the Gods praise the Divine Mother, saying, ‘You are the power that gave us the power to function.’ We know that Shiva is One with the Ultimate, but it’s Maa Siddhidatri who gives Shiva the power to liberate.“