7 Oct 2014

Divine Mother and the True Meaning of ‘Just Love’

Navaratri 2014
Sri Swami Vishwananda is always reminding us of the Divine Mother's Love, in particular during Navaratri Celebrations. In this context, He has told us, “For nine days we praise the Divine Mother, calling upon Her help in each day, in different ways reaffirming the connection that we have with the Mother. Actually the Mother's Love is something very special. Why do we venerate the Divine Mother? Because She reminds us of the Love of God. But Her work doesn't finish here. Her work is to lead you to God.”

God's Love is the basis of Sri Swami Vishwananda's teachings, described simply as ‘Just Love’. In 2012 during a Satsang, He spoke about the true meaning of ‘Just Love’: “When I talk about Love, I am always talking about the universal Love, about the great Love which pervades all of you and everything.

Sri Swami Vishwanada blessing a baby (left)  and a murti (right)
Because God infuses Himself in everything. He is present everywhere. As Krishna Himself said in the Gita, ‘A true Yogi sees Me everywhere.’

Of course, you can say, ‘How can I love something which is not animated?’ But, some people, when they look at a stone, they say, ‘Oh my goodness, how beautiful this stone is!’ It is inanimate, no? But yet they have a feeling towards the beauty they are seeing or the energy which these things are projecting – and that's the percentage of Divine Love. So this is the Love which I talk about. Not the love between two people, because this kind of Love it is there today, tomorrow it is not there.

Whereas when you have this deep Love between you and God, it will stay forever. Sometimes you may feel it strongly and sometimes not. But, it doesn’t mean that this Love is not there. It is ever present!

Darshan with Sri Swami Vishwananda
Whenever God has revealed Himself, whenever He manifested His Love inside of you, it is always there, permanently. If you turn your mind and focus it on the right frequency there, you will find it. It's like a radio. When you are looking for the right frequency, for the program you want to listen to - it is there as vibration but you have to tune yourself in the right frequency. The same thing with the universe – the whole universe – it is not out there, it is inside you. But you have to look for the right frequency by turning your mind inside. By looking most of the time inwardly.

People always do things in a very harsh way. They are always very quick, quick, quick, but they don’t take time and see what is happening within themselves. So, in the daily life, whenever you are busy, you should watch carefully what is happening – how is the flow of energy. Then, you will perceive that your heart responds in different situations, differently. Have you ever sat down quietly... or even while you are doing things, and stay in a constant feeling of the heart?

Darshan with Sri Swami Vishwananda
Well, different people may have different experiences, but you have to be aware of it. This is how the Love reveals Itself to you. Then you will feel this tremendous Love, just like a bhav which takes you and will carry you. How do you know this is genuine or a fantasy of the mind? When it is a fantasy of the mind, doubt will arises also. Whereas when it is truly there, there will be no doubt. This Love will consume all the doubt.”