6 Dec 2013

St. Nicholas Feast Day Celebrations! - Part 1

Yesterday at Shree Peetha Nilaya the spirit of St. Nicholas was in the air! Swamiji had just recently returned from a one month pilgrimage to India, so everyone was extremely happy to see him. He was however feeling extremely cold!

Swamiji decided to serve lunch to everyone himself, mirroring the spirit of St. Nicholas and the giving nature of the great saint. The food tasted extra-delicious!

Afterwards, Swamiji took the time to speak to some of the residents and spend some time roaming around the ashram, checking on everything and get back up to speed with what's been going on during his absence.

(Swami Anashuya organising educational materials for future Bhakti Study Classes)

 (Jaitrayananda speaking with Guruji)

(Guruji checking all the Christmas decorations and all the gifts donated so far for the distribution to the poor, children and those in need that Bhakti Marga performs as a token to St. Nicholas yearly)

Later in the evening we began with the Vespers prayers to St. Nicholas, in preparation for the actual feast day which is today, the 6th of December! 

After prayers Swamiji was in a great mood and had his fun with Anantaananda, marking him all over his face with stamps of St. Nicholas much to everyone's amusement!

Keep an eye out for part 2 of this report to follow shortly with all the news and pictures from today's celebrations and more stories with Swamiji!