24 Dec 2013

Bhajan Chanting at Mother Meera

During the Christmas period there is daily Bhajan Chanting at Mother Meera on Schaumburg Castle. Every day different Bhajan Groups are singing, and yesterday it was the turn of our Bhakti Marga Group! They had developed a little program, had trained a bit and went to build up the audio equipment at Schaumburg ahead of time.

Swami Vishwananda had spontaneously decided on seizing this opportunity to visit Mother Meera the evening before. Both of Them quickly phoned each other and Mother expressed Her pleasure about this quick decision and welcomed Swamiji heartfully.

When everything was ready, we  drove 40 minutes to Schaumburg Castle and Mother Meera and Swami Vishwananda welcomed each other warmly in the lobby, went together into the Darshan Hall and both took a seat on the podium.

What a delight to see Them Both there! 

After some Bhajans, Swamiji took a microphone and sang with His wonderful, warm voice one Bhajan for the Divine Mother and Mother Meera applauded afterwards. It was so enchanting to watch Them together, Their fine interactions and the loving respect for one another!

After that all of us were invited for tea and sweets. Swamiji presented Mother with a saree and we asked Her about Her school project in India and about the children's meditations which take place here in Waldecker Hof.

After a very heartful farewell we went back to Springen. 200 devotees awaited Swamiji and He went immediately to the temple and sang with them.

These Divine Incarnations really don't have an easy job here on earth but They are always giving and presenting us Their Divine Love.