29 Jul 2013

Swami Vishwananda visits Schweibenalb

Last weekend Swami Vishwananda went on a private trip to Switzerland and during the trip he was able to accept an invitation from Sadhu Maharaj to meet him on Schweibenalb, a beautiful and picturesque location. 

The two greeted each other with open arms and connected immediately. As Vaishnava brothers, they had lively exchanges on the topic of Bhakti and Love for quite some time!

Sadhu Maharaj showed some pictures from his Ashram in Vrindavan and invited him heartfully to visit him there. Of course, Swamiji returned the gesture and invited Sadhuji to come visit us in Shree Peetha Nilaya any time he wishes to!

Some devotees asked questions and there was a small Satsang and exchange of ideas and experiences from all present.

Swamiji was given a tour to the multi-religion Temple of Schweibenalb where Sadhu Maharaj had some questions about the Jewish religion and the Torah which Swami Vishwananda was more than happy to answer.

There are many beautiful memories associated with Schweibenalb - Shivaratri in 2000 (in the beautiful Dhuni), Swamiji's birthday party and many other occasions had taken place there many years ago when Swamiji was first travelling to Europe. It was in fact the first centre which he visited in Europe. 

Unfortunately, it did not fit to our schedules for Sadhu Maharaj to visit us here in Springen but both were sure that next year that won't be the case!