25 Jul 2013

Gurupurnima 2013: Offering our heart to the Guru (part 1)

Every Gurupurnima celebration is special, and yet, this year's was even more special. All those of you who managed to come (estimated over 700 guests) could feel an extraordinary joy and Guruji was more radiating than ever.

Find a selection of pictures on Facebook, by clicking on the following link here.

Guruji also gave a particularly inspiring talk about the most important thing that we can offer Him: It is the offering of our heart.

Find an excerpt of the talk he gave below (part 1):

"All the Swamis have talked already. Now, what can be offered?...
The offering of one's heart, that is the most important. And this is – like I said in the morning- the choice. When people come and ask me: Are you my Guru? What do I answer? If you feel it. If you feel it that I am your Guru, I shall be. And when that happens it's for life.

Whether you stay or you leave. Your heart can't lie to you. This is one thing which is very important. When one surrenders, it doesn't mean that you should not live your life the way you live. Very often people are scared of this word "surrender". No, surrender means, that you remember the Master, you remember the Guru everyday. You have this gratitude, that it is through the blessing and the Grace of the master, that whatever you do and achieve in life, wherever you are stepping, the master is together with you. You are not alone. And you will never be alone.

Whether you feel the master or not, this is the duty. In the morning I said, the Guru is even more than a mother and a father. Because the mothers have a certain limit, in the way they see their children. They are bound by emotion. The fathers do their duty in bringing up the child. What else can they do? Not much. They can bring up their children in a very rightful way, in a very nice way. But yet, the child has its own destiny.

How many mothers come to me and tell me, oh my son, my childern don't listen to me, my children don't love me. Well, that is the difference. Even if the mother is the first, the Guru one should have full resepct to the mother, one shluld have full resp to the faterh, Bec. They hage done their duty. But when one has found one’s Satguru, it is for life. What one can do at that moment is trust that one is not alone. But the Satguru, the Greatest of all the Sadhu Sant is with you. And this is what we are honoring today, not only here, in the whole Hindu tradition. The Guru Parampara is very important. Not only in the Hindu tradition, in the Christian tradition also, it is very important to have a spiritual father. Why? We say always to trust oneself, no? But there is not fully the trust there. You can’t really count on your mind. Your mind can disguise itself so nicely and trap you. That’s the power of Maya. The mind will always flatter you. The mind will never tell you, you are wrong. 

No one – when they do something – will say “I’ve done something wrong, no, because one is convinced one has done something right. But when do you something right, the reason is also right, you don’t feel this guilt feeling. Even if you have a guilt feeling, you try to brush it by the side, but this is the role of the Satguru, this is the role of the spiritual teacher, to remove this ignorance from the mind, so that you can journey towards God Consciousness, or enlightenment. That you can reach him, this is the sole aim - that you attain the goal of life.