28 Jun 2013

Visit of Mother Meera

Swami Vishwananda invited Mother Meera for the spiritual opening to visit his centre and to bless Shree Peetha Nilaya with her presence.
As both of them travel a lot it wasn´t so easy to find a suitable date. Yesterday it finally worked out for both.  

Swamiji welcomed Mother in the entrance area with a Hindu ritual, offered her a mala and then guided her to the temple.

All residents were there to receive her Darshan as well as the guests who happened to be at the ashram and we together chanted "Bhaja Nitai Gauranga Radhe Shyam..." 

Later Swamiji showed our chapel, the atelier, the kitchen and also the Babaji cave.

In the Bhajan Cafe we had tea and sweets and light-hearted conversations in which we talked and laughed much about topics such as the elaborate German building code, which permits are needed to own cows in Germany and Mother's school in India with already more than 600 children that are looked after by her.

Finally Mother visited also the Kali temple before we strolled through the gardens and tasted some of our sweet strawberries.

Both were very very sweet and loving with one another and our hearts melted to see them together! What a Grace! 

Thank you!