14 Jun 2013

Forever Together in Your Love!

At Shree Peetha Nilaya we all together celebrated Guruji’s 35th birthday yesterday the 13th of June 2013. Everybody was joyful for this special day. Guruji was not physically with us, but we could all feel His presence in our hearts. It was really a lovely day with a lot of Love and sharing!

We started the day like usual at 6:15 am with Atma Kriya practice and Abhishekam to the padukas.

Then followed a yagna in honour of Guruji under the tent and prayers in the church (the 13th of June this year happens to be also the Ascension day according to the Orthodox calendar).

Four new full bramhacharis got initiated each by a different Swami on behalf of Guruji:

Aditya (from USA) was initiated by Swami Vishwakeshavaananda, his new name is Chidaananda. Madhukar (from Germany) was initiated by Swami Vishwaanashuyananda, his new name is Muktaananda. Dhanam Jay (from South Africa) was initiated by Swami Vishwachakradharananda, his new name is Vaasudevaananda. And Tihari (from Poland) was initiated by Swami Vishwakurunandanananda, his new name is Jaitrayaananda. 
Prem se bolo brahmacharis Jaitrayaananda, Vaasudevaananda, Muktaananda & Chidaananda ki... jay!!! 

Throughout the day we disappeared in the atelier and added our token of Love onto a joint painting that we will give to Guruji when he returns.

We did Om Healing outside and went to the evening prayers before doing a procession around the centre, chanting together “Bhaja Nitai Gaurenga Radhe Shyaam” & sending lots of balloons to heaven with card messages of Love and Guruji. 

Oh happy day! It ended with all enjoying evening sankirtan (topped only by some intruiging heavenly Helium voices… even Kalpit started to chant out loud sounds of ecstasy! ;)) in the main entrance followed by Mauritian dishes buffet and sharing stories and memories of Swami, pictures slideshow and short nice video clips.

Thank you dearest Guruji. For everything and for the immeasurable and most precious gift of your presence in our lives. We love you sooooo much. Prem Se Bolo Premavatar Sri Sri Sri Swami Vishwanananda Mahaprabhu Adi Sundara Karuna Sagaara Ki.. Jai!!!