21 Nov 2015

Following the Master: Vrindavan 2015 – Day 4 (Radha's Birthplace)

"We say Radhe Krishna, Radhe Shyam, because She is the Shakti of Krishna. She is the One who gives power to Krishna." - Sri Swami Vishwananda 

The Journey:

The day started very early with a visit to Bihari Van at seven in the morning. It is a beautiful place, with a pond where it is said that Krishna used to come and eat chapati in one hand, chatni in the other,  and then wash his hands in the pond afterwards. The pond is also the place where Sri Haridasji used to come often to meditate and do Hari Nam.

Here's a first hand account of the day's events:

"We were lucky to get relics of a saint named Sri Madan Mohan Dasji who used to live at the same place. He took samadhi in 2007 at the age of 138.

"Afterwards, we proceeded to perhaps the most beautiful place yet: Radha Ra. It contains a murti of Srimati Radharani in deep meditation. Radharani lived there for around 50 years after Krishna left Vrindavan. She was constantly absorbed in Krishna japam and dhyanam (meditation).

"The day concluded with a meeting with Sri Vinod Bihardasji Maharaj in Barsane, which is the birthplace of Radharani. We joined him for Parikrama around Barsane which he does every single day while distributing sweets to children and also to monkeys and birds. Afterwards we had darshan together with him in the temple in Barsane."


Satsang by Guruji at Bihari Van:

Under one of the trees at Bihari Van, Guruji gave a small satsang. He told us that every time we go to sacred places, we receive a different energy. This energy is like a seed that is planted in our hearts, and if we water it properly, it will blossom at the right time.


"One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to Saint Vinod Bihardasji's ashram, where we found  a beautiful garden full of Tulsi. What an atmosphere, a oasis in the middle of the desert. Guruji said that the place is energetically very powerful and asked that we meditate for several minutes there. Thanks, Guruji, for an amazing day!" - Dakshini, Germany

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