15 Feb 2015

In Divine Love with Sri Swami Vishwananda every day becomes Valentine's day

On the 14th February, throughout the day, Sri Swami Vishwananda showered us all with the sweetness of His Love. Through Twitter He sent Valentine's day greetings and several messages reminding us that our essence is Love and we should always love, at all times.

In the evening, more than 500 people were graced with an individual Darshan of Sri Swami Vishwananda. 

At the beginning of the Darshan, He gave a short talk about the difference between human love and Divine Love (please see below the highlights of this talk and respective Youtube video)

Highlights of Sri Swami Vishwananda talk

“It's nice to spread love. But, it's sad that people do it just for one day. It would be lovely if Valentine's day would be every day. That's what Srimati Radharani and Krishna remind us, no? That there is no time, there is no place to love. Love is eternal. Love is what is deep inside of you. It's not outside of you.”

“In Hinduism we have two different words for love: ‘pyar’ and ‘prem’. ‘Pyar’ is the love which is bound by emotion, the love which you understand with the mind and people long for. Then you have another love inside of you which is called ‘prem’. ‘Prem’ is a sublimification of ‘pyar’. When ‘pyar’ becomes intense, not in the outside, but the inside, it is transformed into ‘prem’. When we address our love to God we never say ‘pyar’, we always say ‘prem’, because it is our soul that loves God. This is the supreme state of Love and that's what we express towards the Divine. When we talk about unconditional Love, this is ‘prem’, because this Love only knows how to give, it's always giving and doesn't expect anything. And this is who you are in reality - ‘prem’, premaswarupa. You are an embodiment of this Divine Love, an embodiment of a parcel of God. You should never forget about that!”

“The most important thing on the spiritual path and in life itself is to realise the deepness of this Love. And once this Love is there, there will be no way back; it's always forward. This is how the saints love God. They didn't expect anything from Him. Today people are celebrating St. Valentine, no? Do you know how was his life? He gave his life for a brother and a sister, not for a couple as people nowadays think. No! For a brother and sister! He gave his life for them. Like that, you see in the life of many saints that love is transformed into sacrifice, love is transformed into bliss, where one forgets about oneself and thinks of the beloved. And this is our eternal relationship with God.”

“Once you realise this Love everything becomes automatic, everything takes its place by itself. Same, when you eat you don't need something extra to digest your food. What happens? The food gets digested by itself, no? Same thing, when Love awakes from deep within your heart there is no technique, there is no mantra for it. It needs only the willingness from your side, the willingness to say, “Yes, I truly want it!” Then the way is traced and everything is guided for that Love to grow more and more, where every day becomes Valentine's day.”