19 Nov 2013

Visit of Varadharaj Perumal Temple in Kanchi

During Sri Swami Vishwananda's visit to Kanchi Puram, the group stopped by at the Varadharaj Perumal Temple where the main deities are 3500 years old self-manifested murthis of Sri Lakshmi Narayan.

Here you can see the group handing over Tulsi Malas to be offered to the deities and then returned as Maha Prasad for the devotees.

Swamiji was of course garlanded with one Himself! :)

Here one can see the deities of Sri Lakshmi Narayan that were manifested 3500 years ago out of a fire!

After this visit Swamiji and the group visited the famous Kanchi Kammakshi temple where no cameras were allowed. Remarkably, westerners who are usually never permitted to approach the deity or even enter the inner vicinity of the temple, were this time allowed to do so as the entire pilgrimage group was able to come really close to Maa and pray to her. It is truly a very, very rare occurrence and a big blessing for all those on the pilgrimage, made possible only through Swamiji's grace!