21 Feb 2013

Swami Vishwananda in Puri & the Jagannath Temple

Meanwhile, Swami Vishwananda is in Puri, visiting some holy places and the big Jagannath Temple, where Chaitanya Mahaprabhu merged into the deity of Lord Jagannath.

Here you see Swamiji with a sweet, very old Vaishnava, a disciple of Tinkadi Baba.

Samadhi of Ramakrishna's niece: Lakshmi Mani Devi

 Jagannath Temple

"Puri is known as the place where the Lord eats. The priests offer him 8 meals a day and they are 400 cooks working 24 hours in rotation. 
As foreigners are not allowed to go inside, Swamiji went alone and we were waiting outside. He stayed in the temple for more than 3 hours. The Priest gave him VIP treatment and took him inside the deity area (which is unheard of)."