29 Oct 2012

Tombola Winner

Jai Gurudev 
Dear Tombola Friends
We thank all the participants of the Navaratri Tombola 2012 and congratulate all the winners. 
Thank you for supporting Shree Peetha Nilaya, Guruji’s home and international centre.

The winners who have not yet received their prices are kindly asked to contact us under tombolabm@googlemail.com 
Please let us know, if you will come personally to the centre to collect your price or if you nominate a person to whom we can give the price. Sorry, but we can not send your price per post.

Much Love and Blessings,

The Tombola Team

In behalf of the whole community Shree Peetha Nilaya
Tusti & Anjushri

Navaratri 2012 Tombola drawing
drawn on 23rd/24th October by 
Swamini Lakshmi, Swamini Mohini and Swamini Karuna

1st price Stay at Shree Peetha Nilaya for 2 people 1 week:  Nr 78  Carmen/CH
2nd price Bhakti Marga Art painting of own choice:   Nr 35   Uma/Germany
3rd price Bhakti Shop voucher for 250€:  Nr 69  Jeevan/Croatia
4th price  3 private Singing lessons with Mira:  Nr 2  Danvanti/Russia
5th price  3 private Percussion lessons with Nikhilananda:  Nr 61  Swarupini/Czech
6th  & 7t price Sari from Bhakti shop:  Nr 58  Meghna/CH;  Nr 36 Kaski/Latvia
8th -  10th   price: Tulsi Mala from Bhakti Shop:   Nr 17  Sumangali/CH; Nr 55  Parvati/Italy;  Nr 59  Meghna/CH
11th  - 15th price special Aarti lamp from Bhakti shop:  Nr 92  Swamini Lakshmi/USA;  Nr 43  Namarathi/Germany;  Nr 62  Shree/Czech;   Nr 74  Carmen/CH; Nr 11  Uschi/Germany
16th -18th price Book Blossoming of the Heart:  Nr 20  Vinata/Germany; Nr 52   Anna /Latvia; Nr   1  Ursula&Klaus/Germany
19th & 20th price Prasad book: Nr 72  Paola/Italy; Nr 42  Anna/Österreich
21st -30th price CD 'Awakening' by Sri Swami Vishwananda: Nr 24   Anja/Germany; Nr 83  Carmen/CH; Nr 45   Ewa/ Poland; Nr 38   Dorothea/Germany; Nr 95  Gokuladasananda/Russia; Nr 94  Manudj/Russia; Nr 66  Nisha/Poland; Nr 26  Carla/Germany; Nr 15   Enzo&Laura/Italy;  Nr 96   Renuka/Russia
31st - 40th price Bhakti Saints book:  Nr 93   Kadambari/Poland; Nr 67   Vankanteshwari/Poland; Nr 25    Hildegard/Germany; Nr 88   Mangalapriya/Russia; Nr  5    Meelan/Germany; Nr 33   Niranjani/Italy; Nr 14    Uschi/Germany; Nr  8     Lidiya/Ukraine; Nr  7     Birgit/Germany; Nr 79    Carmen/CH
41st - 50th price CD 'Songs to our Beloved Krishna' by Bhakti Sounds:   Nr 44  Katia/Italy; Nr 16  Vittaladas/Italy; Nr  6   Annette/Germany; Nr 13  Uschi/Germany ; Nr 39  Ilona/Latvia; Nr 47   Venkatarawana/Latvia; Nr 29   Larissa/Germany; Nr 30   Ninupama/Germany; Nr 21   Barbara/Poland; Nr 27    Florence/France