1 Oct 2014

Navaratri Day 6 - Katyayani Ma

Katyayani Ma
On the sixth day of Navaratri we celebrate Goddess Katyayani. Every year, Sri Swami Vishwananda asks all men to come to this particular night's celebration dressed in saris as women. Last night, he gave us the explanation written below. Sri Swami Vishwananda himself took the appearance of Divine Mother. An Abhishekam was performed to His/Her Lotus Feet and at the end everyone present was given the opportunity to offer flowers to His/Her Lotus Feet.

Abishekam to Sri Swami Vishwananda's Lotus Feet
“Today we are honouring this Cosmic Mother, honouring Maha Shakti, Yogamaya Herself. It's through Her that Brahma creates. You know very well that when Brahma was manifested through the Shakti of Mahavishnu, he could not understand why he had been created, why he was there, what was his purpose. Then, Gayatri Devi appeared and revealed him why Mahavishnu created him. So it is through this Shakti, through the Gayatri Mantra that everything got created. And today we are worshipping Katyayani Devi as Maha Gayatri Herself, as the power of creation, to remind ourselves that the whole universe was created through Her Shakti, through Her power; and also as a reminding that She is constantly doing the Will of the supreme Lord. So, the whole creation in itself it's the feminine energy. Everything is born out of the Mother.

“To attain Lord Krishna, the gopis prayed to Katyayani Devi. They prayed to the Mother so that they could receive Lord Krishna as their Husband. But who were these gopis? For sure, they were great yogis. They were the sons of Agnidev. They knew that the Ultimate, the only real male, the only man is Bhagavan. There is no other man than God. Because the whole creation is feminine. They did thousands and thousands of years of penance to be blessed with a human form so that they could be with Lord Krishna as gopis. So, every day during the Kartik month, the gopis fasted and their only prayer was, ‘Mother you, who is the Shakti, the sister of the Lord, please convince Him to marry us?’ The deepness of marrying the Lord, which the gopis enacted, is the Union between the Atma and Paramatma. You can only understand the sweetness of the deepest meaning of that Union when you go beyond the physical appearance.”
Divine Mother in the form of the Guru blesses us to transcend the darkness of separation into the Light of Union with the Divine
“Today during the Guru Gita commentary, I explained that the Guru is here to make you master of both shaktis, the male and the female; and to rise above that. It is very important to understand this, because very often in this world, the women fight for their rights and then become very feminists; on the other side the man say, ‘We are the powerful ones!’ And then they become very patriarchal. Like this, people forget that both aspects, male and female are inside of each person. This is the deeper meaning why on Katyayani's day one reminds oneself that the whole creation is the Mother, it is feminine, and the only aim for this feminine energy is - God. So, on Katyayani's day you all become gopis and you all long for Krishna.”
Sri Swami Vishwananda says, "Both aspects, male and female are inside of each person."
"On that day of the Ras, Bhagavan Krishna Himself appeared as a woman in front of Radharani, to show Her that there is no difference between them. The whole body of Krishna changed into Srimad Radharani. Of course, just the colour was different, Krishna was shyam and Radharani was gauri. This is just to remind that the concept of the body is only in the mind. The Consciousness of the soul is not bound by that. And only the unification with the Supreme Lord will bring one to the eternal, true happiness. During the Ras, Shiva Himself came as Gopeshwar Mahadeva because He also wanted to unite Himself with Krishna."

When Shiva realised that Parvati, dressed very nicely was rushing to go to the Ras with Lord Krishna, where only women were allowed, He also had a deep wish to go. So, He convinced Parvati to bring Him along with Her. In the video below, Sri Swami Vishwananda explains what happened afterwards..